Past Projects


Hogar de Niños Especiales (Home for Special Children)

This home, located in the town of San Martin, El Salvador, houses 125 children, all of whom have severe physical or mental handicaps. When LACF toured the home we were shocked to learn that all the meals for the children were prepared in a tiny, primitive kitchen. Our supporters made it possible for LACF to construct a brand-new kitchen building and equip it with modern appliances.

Luciana Llort (center), LACF supporter in El Salvador, checks out the new kitchen with residents and staff at San Martin.

Niños al Familia (Children in a Family)

Thirty-eight boys live in this orphanage in the town of Ilobasco, El Salvador. When we first visited, all the boys slept in one room, a room jammed full of beds. The boys slept two or three to a bed. The rest of the building was in poor condition and not nearly adequate for so many kids. Our supporters answered the call and we were able to construct new sleeping and dressing rooms, install a new bathroom, new kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Some of the boys in their new sleeping room.

Hogar Welch Infantil (Welch Home for Children)

Hogar Welch Infantil is an orphanage in the wonderfully-named town of Zacatecoluca (Sa-ca-te-co-LU-ca), El Salvador. LACF completed a series of improvements to the facilities. We repaired the muddy, unpaved courtyard, replaced much of the roof, and remodeled the kitchen. We also installed a bank of showers. Previously, the children were showered in the yard with a garden hose. (The girls got their showers early (4am!), before the boys were awake!)

These new showers, build with LACF donations, were a big improvement over the garden hose children once had to use.

Medical Equipment

Over the past 30 years, LACF has shipped truckloads of medical equipment and supplies to the children of El Salvador. We’ve sent dentist’s chairs, inhalation equipment, crutches, and first aid materials.